Advantages of Advertising in KeyCAPTCHA

KeyCAPTCHA is the newest ad technologies for your business. Whereas other ad networks offer you to choose what you want to pay for, we offer you to select what you will get for free.

You may select between free-of-charge clicks and unpaid interaction with your advertisement.

In the first case you are sure that you solely pay for actual users’ interactions with your advertisement since you only pay just for successfully solved ad CAPTCHAs. You do not waste your money on your display ad fee as in other display ad systems where you have to pay for each display ad regardless of the fact that the user has seen your advertisement. In this case clicks on your ad links are absolutely free of charge.

In the second case you only pay for clicks on your ad links. Therefore all solutions of your ad CAPTCHAs are free of charge for you. We are fully confident that it will be utterly interesting since even if the user have not clicked on ad link, he or she did interact with your advertisement and there is a strong probability that the user kept in mind your advertised goods, service or brand.

Our Ad Network

There are more than 20,000 websites in our ad network, and their visitors are located in more than 150 countries. You can advertise your products, services, and brands almost in any point of the world through our service.

Geo Targeting

To run your ad more efficiently any of your ad campaign has geo targeting settings. Using geo targeting you can indicate desirable location of your target audience up to a country, a region or even a city. In this case your ad CAPTCHAs will only be displayed to the visitors whose location corresponds with your geo targeting settings.


To great effectiveness of your ad, your ad CAPTCHAs will only be displayed on the websites whose subjects correspond with your CAPTCHAs’ subject.

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