Moderating Websites

We only add quality websites to our ad network.

You can always use the KeyCAPTCHA Service on your website regardless of your website’s moderation. To use our service you need to do the following:

To start displaying third-party ad CAPTCHAs on your website, your website has to be moderated. The moderation takes 2 working days after being added. If we add your website to the KeyCAPTCHA ad network, your website’s subjects are determined and then if there are proper ad CAPTCHAs, the latter start to be displayed on your website.

Our service’s standard CAPTCHAs will be displayed on your website, and the state of your balance will be not changed for interactions with them in the following cases:

  • If your website has not been moderated;
  • If your website has been moderated, but currently there are no ad CAPTCHAs in the KeyCAPTCHA Service corresponding with your website’s subject;
  • If the moderation of your website results in denial of addition to the KeyCAPTCHA ad network.
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