Monetizing Your Website

The more popular your website is, the much more income you will get.

Conventional Units

Your balance on KeyCAPTCHA Service is run in conventional units. 1000 conventional units are $10.

Your incomes from the use of KeyCAPTCHA

You earn 50% of our income from advertisers who paid us for ads in KeyCAPTCHA on your websites1.
Besides it according to the KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program your balance will be topped up with conventional units.

The KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program

The KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program allows publishers as well as any Internet user to collect incomes. For more information on The KeyCAPTCHA Affiliate Program, go to the following link.


Current month payouts are made from the 5th to the 20th of the next month. 1000 conventional units are $10. Current month payout is made if by the end of the month amount of your conventional units on your balance is $10 or more. Otherwise your current balance is transferred to the next month.

To be paid you have to specify your PayPal email in your profile at

KeyCAPTCHA Service has the right not to make payouts to the publishers who have breached any item of the KeyCAPTCHA Website Terms of Service and Use Agreement. In addition, KeyCAPTCHA Service reserves the right to defer payouts to the publishers who are suspected of any breach of the KeyCAPTCHA Website Terms of Service and Use Agreement for a period required for investigation.

Definitions and Terms

1Your websites are all the websites you own or operate. In addition, these websites shall be added by you to the Site list of your account at

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